Saturday, May 28, 2011

0037: Superman Returns

Lex Luthor: [angrily throws coconut into the ocean] 
Kitty Kowalski: Lex! We only have six of those! 
Lex Luthor: Six? 
[laughs maniacally] 
Lex Luthor: [screaming] I would trade three hundred THOUSAND coconuts and every ounce of your blood for a QUART OF GASOLINE! 
Kitty Kowalski: But what will we have to eat? 
Lex Luthor: [eyes the dog in Kitty's arms maliciously] 


  1. Oh boy...I remember watching this a long time ago, or it felt like that. I think I'm going to watch this again today.

  2. I liked the original super man movies they were awesome. The new ones are not so awesome.

  3. Just hope the new superman gets better quotes

  4. would have been funnier if he said "over nine thousand"