Friday, May 20, 2011

0030: Troy

Agamemnon: [approaches king] Good day for the crows. 
Triopas: Remove your army from my land. 
Agamemnon: Why, I like your land, I think we'll stay. I like your soldiers too. 
Triopas: They won't fight for you. 
Agamemnon: That's what the Messenians said, and the Acardians, and the Opeians, now they all fight for me. 
Triopas: You can't have the whole world, Agamemnon. It's too big, even for you. 
Agamemnon: I don't want to watch another massacre. Let's settle this war in the old manner. Your best fighter against my best. 
Triopas: And if my man wins? 
Agamemnon: We'll leave Thessaly for good. 
Triopas: Boagrius! 
[cheers from Thessalian army. Boagrius comes out from the centre of the army] 
Agamemnon: Achilles! 
Triopas: Boagrius has this effect on many heroes. 
Agamemnon: Be careful who you insult, old king. 


  1. Image is dead, but awesome quote none the less.

  2. Triopas: Boagrius has this effect on many heroes.

    oh what little they knew lol...

  3. This is from the first fight in the movie. Awesome quote

  4. awesome quote, awesome movie. out of curiosity, what are you going to do when you run out of quotes? (when you pass 1001 i mean)

  5. of my favourite movies! great blog

  6. Need to watch that movie over again. It's been too long.thanks for sharing.